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Let us pray for you.  There is power in agreement!

We would love very much to join our faith with yours to pray for any need you may have.  Send us your prayer request(s) by selecting a category below OR simply text "pray" to 662-595-4033 and we will stand with you in faith!

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Prayer of Salvation

Find new joy and peace in your prayer time with God

David Wilkerson said, “I know what it’s like to have the well of living water choked at the spring, drying up every blessing in my life. This happened to me during my periods of carelessness about prayer. Yet I also knew the glory of returning to be with the Lord in prayer. As soon as I changed my focus back to Him, the blessings began flowing again.”

Are you struggling with your prayer life, not seeing results, wondering if God is listening? Meeting With God is a compilation of writings from the heart of David Wilkerson to help empower your ongoing communion with your heavenly Father and strengthen your trust that He hears all of your prayers.


30 days of scriptural inspiration to pray for America.  

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